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Welcome to Donnee Land
Welcome to our home internet page.  We are Don & Donna and we live in Loxahatchee Groves.  The Groves, as it is often called,  is a small primarily rural town located in Palm Beach County about 15 miles west of I-95 near Royal Palm Beach on the north side of Southern Blvd (US-441/SR-80).  The Acreage is to the North and West while the Village of Wellington is to the South. To the west are mainly large home sites and not far away is Lion Country Safari.

We live on a 15 acre site seen in the picture to the left.  It is over 1,000' down our driveway (Donnee Ln) to D-road which gives us a lot of privacy.  Our primary interest, other than cold beer, is in collecting and propagating rare tropical fruit & spice plants and trees.  Recently, we have added an orchid collection.

Main House

We have a large self stabilized pond (Loch Donnee) which not only provides irrigation but also is a great place to fish - only catch & release.  Several birds, including anhinga, red shouldered hawks,  & ospreys also call our place home.  Our pond is also frequented by several species of herons, egrets, wood storks, and ibis.  Several varieties of ducks, primarily mottled & wood, also visit.  Sometimes over 50 will be playing "chase" in the pond.

An occasional great white egret will keep Wilma company fishing along the pond banks. One of our favorite visiting great blues is named Wilma.  "She" weathered the hurricane in our pond and has been returning ever since.  Hurricane Wilma's eye passed directly over us and during the pause we checked outside and saw Wilma climbing out of the pond a little weather beaten but otherwise OK.  When the storm passed, she was still with us.

In the summer months it has been said that on a quiet night you can hear the grass grow.  With 15 acres, it can be a chore to keep under control but you can always count on several visitors.  Some days hundreds of egrets and ibis will surround you looking for food.  If you scare up something large, look out for a red shoulder hawk landing in the middle of the activity to claim it.

What's Here?

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We try to keep our web content both fun and informative.  Our recipe book contains hundreds of good things to eat and drink.  Originally started from a Mexican cooking class, it now contains recipes from all over the world.  Our Sports Page contains links for many professional, college, and high school teams of local interest.  Visit your favorite team's site to see what's current.  In addition to collecting and planting tropical plants and trees we continue to try to reduce our carbon footprint and expenses.

The Game Room contains a collection of computer games just for fun.  If you register, we will keep track of your total points score - no money, just points.  Our slot machine is based on real (reel) machines.  It is actually set to pay out a little more than it takes in but that's hard to believe when you play it.  The odds of hitting the "big one" are slim.  If you play the lottery, you may find our lotto number generator useful.  It only takes a few tickets to guarantee hitting all of the numbers - just not on the same ticket. There are a lot of games in the Game Room.  I hope you will find something of interest.

If you want to know more about our community and local government, click [here].

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